Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Short Story

I like to write poetry and have taken several creative writing classes, however
most of my education has been in the sciences, as I am a health care provider.
I can recall the attitude my contemporaries had of the liberal arts students--
that they majored in such things as Literature or English because those classes
were so much "easier", or, they were not "smart enough" to pass the math and
science courses. One Sunday, a couple years ago, I attended a workshop on
Spiritual Writing. It was mostly attended by MFA people, advanced writers
and other literary types. I was astonished (I guess naively) to hear them talk
disdainfully about scientists, accountants, business people and others of the
so-called precise or exact disciplines. I mean, I knew We talked bad about Them,
but I didn't know They talked bad about US! I felt like I needed to defend the
creative side of the sciences...where do you think discovery and inventions come from?
Somebody has to think them up! But I kept silent and just pondered my own
prejudices. I bring this up because it reminds me a little of the way vegetarians
and omnivores view each other. Both camps seem to enjoy throwing barbs at the
others. And not just in private, witness the bumper stickers and T-shirts now
available. I view it as both impolite and ineffective. Nobody ever changed their mind
because they were insulted did they? Will anybody ever be converted to another
perspective or idea if they are humiliated? The best way to promote a position is
to make it attractive, that is, point out the positive, not tear down the humanity
of the other. There are numerous reasons I believe eating vegetables is preferable
to eating meat, but, in the end it has to be an individual decision.