Monday, April 25, 2011

song lyrics Canada Revisited

chorus 10th fret D sus
He came from the north where the cold wind blows
He came from the land of the ice and the snow
D add B
He moved down south to the USA
where the beach is nice and the palm trees sway

10th fret D sus
He met some guys, Crosby Stills and Nash
They all played music so they formed a band
D add B
They wrote some songs that made it big
Their records sold, they had a bunch of hits

vs 1 D add f, e % % %
That was the sixties when life was wild
Times were crazy Be a wild child
After a while the group went sour
lost in a haze of flower power

rpt chorus

vs 2 He always had a heart for the common man
from Kent State to the war in Viet Nam
Now he sings for farmers that are losing their land
Some foreigners make the best Americans

instrumental A Amaj7 Bm (G A Bm) % % %

rpt chorus

vs 3 Canada's loss became our gain
He helped found a cause called Farm Aid
Food is best when its grown by hand
Factory farms are a blight on our land

1/2 chorus w/ outro
where he still plays his music everyday