Friday, November 5, 2010

Bacon Had a Mom

The other day someone offered to feed our little service group dinner.
I immediately thought to myself...Very nice but I better eat a big lunch
cause chances are there won't be much I can eat! Most of us vegetarians
think similar thoughts when we attend parties or are invited to dinners.
Pot-lucks are a little easier since there is usually such a wide variety
of foods. But, as I entered the door the hostess said to me "There is no meat
in the soup. I put the bacon on the side". How sweet and thoughtful of her
to remember! And the potato soup was indeed delicious! Not all hosts are
as attentive and gracious, but I am more aware of it these days and try
to be a considerate hostess myself. When we have company over we do grill
meats. I believe it is the polite thing to do. I do not feel it is a breach
of my ethics to serve meat, only a breach of my personal discipline to
eat it. Similar considerations might be allergies, or people who consume
a gluten-free diet. We are very grateful when our friends and family are
mindful of our limits. Everybody likes to be respected and remembered!