Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fast Food

It seems to be a sort of  right-of-passage in this country to work at a fast food restaurant
at some point in our life.  Most often as a teenager or young adult.  It also seems to be
a standard put-down to remark about someone that they could at least get a job "flipping
hamburgers", or something to that effect.  Implying that working in a fast food place, or "flipping
hamburgers" is very demeaning and mindless work that deserves no respect. I would like to
point out that any honest work that serves others in a positive way is respectable work. Also,
taking into account that many many American teenagers will work in these positions for at least
a summer or so, you might want to reconsider your attitude of impatience or disrespect the next
time you become annoyed at the drive-through window. That pimple faced kid ringing up your
order may be your heart surgeon 20 years from now! Not only that, but food can quickly turn
deadly if it is not properly handled.  Someone has to be conscientious enough to make sure it
is kept at proper temperature,  cleaned, cooked thoroughly etc.  If you or a family member got
seriously sick, all of a sudden "flipping hamburgers" would not seem like such a menial job.
We have become way too rude and disrespectful of each other and would do well to remember
we are all created equal, and in the most important regards, stay that way.