Sunday, August 22, 2010


Most vegetarians are extraordinary cooks. This seemed true before I became
vegetarian and holds true today. Most of the vegetarians I know really are amazing
cooks, and, they seem to enjoy cooking. Perhaps one does have to be a bit more
creative to prepare tasty dishes without the use of meat, however,I want to dispell
the myth that being a chef is a requirement! I have never been an excellent cook
and am just barely passable to this day. There are about 6-8 entrees I can cook
well and hardly anything I can bake. My husband is a much better cook than I. He
regularly makes homemade pesto, hummus, pat-thai and blueberry pancakes. A good
deal of the articles I read regarding vegetarianism are basically recipe and/or
cooking articles. But if this has never been your passion, it is not necessary
to start now (unless of course you want to). Even people who are great cooks
have a few simple staple things they eat when they are in a hurry or don't feel
like cooking. You just need to find some of these things for yourself. For example,
some of the default foods which I can always eat if I don't want to fix something,
or, if I am someplace where everything on the table appears to contain meat, is a
peanut butter and jelly sandwich and tomato soup. Maybe for you its a grilled
cheese sandwich or nachos. Veggie pizza is another option. All I'm saying is that its a good idea to find a few simple, readily available vegetarian options that
you can eat in a pinch. It might save you a relapse!