Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Woo Hoo! Lets Go To The Grocery Store!

No, really, I'm not being sarcastic! I think grocery stores are awesome and I am
very very grateful we have them. Just think, we can go into Ingles or Food Lion
and buy fresh blueberries in the middle of winter. We can buy Sea Bass flown in
from South America and coffee beans from Africa. Then we can walk only a few
meters of clean air-conditioned aisles to the meat section and pick up a chicken
(if you eat such things) already cleaned and cut up. You don't have to wring its
neck, pluck the feathers or gut the innards! How convenient is that?! And, you
can even buy quality-controlled aspirin tablets in the same store. We don't have
to go peel the bark off a willow tree and pound some kind of concoction into
a paste. Heck no, we can dash through the whole place in 30 minutes and load
up with stuff from 5 different countries if that's what we want. Of course, it's also
wonderful to take the time and love to plant our own vegetables and raise our own
chickens, but lots of people either don't have the space or the desire to do so.
And that is totally OK. People shouldn't feel like they are pressured into gardening
or canning etc. It is a healthy and green activity but only for those who enjoy it.
So the next time you go grocery shopping, instead of thinking about all those articles
you have read about additives and junk food, look around and breathe a sigh of thanks.

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